Understand antibiotic resistance (BBC Focus)

As part of the BBC Focus ‘instant expert’ series, I explored how microorganisms develop resistance to antimicrobial drugs, what we can do to stop it – and what the world will be like if we don’t. Read More »


The art of saving lives (BBC Focus)

I spoke to photographer Reiner Riedler about his 2015 project The Lifesaving Machines, which involved him documenting the enormous, expensive, and sometimes eerie machines built to help keep us alive. Read More »


Nanomedicine: cancer-killing bots in your bloodstream (BBC Focus)

A large article on tiny devices: my report on the potential medical uses of nanobots and nanoparticles is the cover feature of the latest issue of BBC Focus. Features the word ‘tiny’ a lot.



The Origin of Life in Ten Minutes (BBC Focus)

Another tricky commission from monthly science mag BBC Focus: explain how all life started on Earth. Or, how chemistry somehow turned into biology, around 4bn years ago. Part of their ‘Understand…in ten minutes‘ series.

In the shops from the beginning of December.


How do we know how hormones work? (BBC Focus)

Sept 2015// A history of the discovery of hormones for BBC Focus, featuring lots of people doing weird things with testicles.

Read More »


DNA in ten minutes (BBC Focus)

August 2015 //  I was recently given the challenge of explaining DNA in its entirety “in ten minutes” for BBC Focus magazine. Read More »