Sue Black: staring death in the face (The Biologist)

One of the most compelling interviews I’ve ever done. Read More »


Sir Paul Nurse, Sir Mark Walport and more

I’ve conducted a spate of interviews with the big-wigs of UK science recently, including the Royal Society’s president Sir Paul Nurse, the Government’s chief scientific advisor Sir Mark Walport, and science minister Greg Clark (a few weeks before he was moved on to something else by the PM).Read More »

Spotlight On The Life Sciences

With the help of Think Publishing I produced this guide to biology careers for the Royal Society of Biology. The booklet is a collection of articles and ‘day in the life’ style interviews I have done with scientists in various fields.

Spotlight cover


The new strain of cannabis that could help treat psychosis (The Observer)

November 2014 // Although widely seen as a potential trigger for schizophrenia, marijuana also contains an ingredient that appears to have antipsychotic effects. Tom Ireland visits the UK’s only licensed cannabis farm and meets the man responsible for breeding a plant that might be of benefit to millionsRead More »


Interview: Professor Bruce Hood

The Biologist, June 2013 //

Professor Bruce Hood tells Tom Ireland how the kilogramme of neurons in our head creates an illusion of identity and consciousness.

BHoodRead More »


Interview: Richard Dawkins

The Biologist, Jan 2013

Evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins talks to Tom Ireland about science, religion and how he wants to clear misconceptions about his work.

Dawkins 1Read More »


Interview: Professor Alice Roberts

The Biologist, June 2013

Paleopathologist Professor Alice Roberts tells Tom Ireland about working with human remains and the renaissance in TV scienceRead More »