Interview with DIY gene-editing maverick Josiah Zayner for The Guardian


I interviewed biohacker Josiah Zayner, who recently became one of the first people in the world to conduct DIY gene therapy on himself. Our wide-ranging conversation covered lots of ground, from his own bedroom experiments with poo, to the problems with clinical trials, to humans with tails and the future of us as a species. Read More »


Who wants to live forever? (BBC Focus)

In the small town of Comfort, Texas, an audacious ‘Timeship’ is being built to cryogenically freeze thousands of human bodies, in the hope they will be revived by a future civilisation. Could such an idea ever work?Read More »


How do we know how hormones work? (BBC Focus)

Sept 2015// A history of the discovery of hormones for BBC Focus, featuring lots of people doing weird things with testicles.

Read More »


DNA in ten minutes (BBC Focus)

August 2015 //  I was recently given the challenge of explaining DNA in its entirety “in ten minutes” for BBC Focus magazine. Read More »


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? (The Observer)

August, 2015 // A large report for The Observer’s Discovery section on ‘mind control’ technologiesRead More »


Should we resurrect the woolly mammoth? (The Biologist)

August 2015 // A short comment piece on the scientists looking to resurrect a woolly mammoth by cloning ancient DNA.  Read More »